Following the Declarative UI Git Repository

For none hardcore developers like me, git is a beast, which needs to get mastered. But later.
Currently I’m only interested to follow the changes in the declarative ui branch of qt kinetic.

As Arthur C. Clarke observed, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This is a great way to approach Git: newbies can ignore its inner workings and view Git as a gizmo that can amaze friends and infuriate enemies with its wondrous abilities.

This is taken from GitMagic.

Following the Repository

To follow Qt’s declarative ui branch on gitorious I use the following commands. I assume git is installed on your system.

git clone git://
cd kinetic
git branch --track declarativeui origin/kinetic-declarativeui
git checkout declarativeui
git pull

The git clone command clones a remote repository to your harddisk as kinetic repository. We change into the kinetic folder and start tracking the remote declarativeui branch as a local declarativeui branch with git branch.
With git checkout we set our active branch to our local declarativeui branch.
The git pull command will update our local branch with changes from the remote branch and merge them. Short after an initial clone, there might be no changes yet.

Now every time you have the desire to update your local declarativeui branch, just go to your kinetic folder and type in git pull. This should do the job.

Dirty Code Base

No we would like to avoid to make this code base dirty. So we should not build inside the kinetic folder. This is easy with qt and its called shadow-build.

Shadow-build means practically build qt outside the source code folder. For this we create a 2nd folder outside our kinetic folder, I use the name “declarativeui-build” and call from the the configure script from qt.

mkdir declarativeui-build
cd declarativeui-build

This will configure qt’s declarativeui branch in this folder. After this has finished (takes some time) you can now do the normal build steps.

sudo make install

This description is made for a linux system, but should also work under Mac OS X. For Windows you need to use md instead of makedir and sudo is not required.

Rebuilding declarativeui

If after a new pull you would like to build again, please just delete the declarativeui-build folder and start with configure again.

With time being and more reading you will start to optimize these steps. When QML is part of the Qt delivery you do not need this anymore, you just install qt the normal way.

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