QFace – A generator framework

QFace is an generator framework based on a common modern IDL. Inspired by Qt5.

QFace is a generator framework based on a common modern IDL. It is not a generator as such but enforces a common IDL format and provides a library to write your own generator. It is actually very easy to create your own generator and generate your custom solution based on your needs from the same IDL.

// echo.qface
module org.example 1.0;

The echo interface to call someone
on the other side
interface Echo {
    readonly Message lastMessage;
    void echo(Message message);
    event void callMe();

struct Message {
    string text;

The IDL is designed after the Qt/QML interface and as such is optimized to generate source code used with Qt C++ or Qt QML, but it is not limited to this use case.

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